Monday, 28 August 2017

50 by 50 - THE LIST

Thanks to family and friends I have had many interesting, and some quite outrageous, suggestions... I will mention no names here (Prof).

So here they are, the final 50 in no particular order. To be completed, hopefully by November 2019.

Attend a six nations rugby match
Aqua zorbing
Visit Barcelona
Go to the bingo
Keep a blog going between now and my 50th birthday
Go for a swim in the North Sea on Boxing Day - no wetsuit
Sing in a choir
See Cirque du Soleil
Go climbing
Try coasteering
Watch comedy at the Edinburgh Fringe
Attend a county or test cricket match
Develop a habit of carrying out one Random Act of Kindness per day
Buy an eyepiece and start studying wildflowers
Attend a festival (as an inpatient not an day patient)
Organise a flashmob
Read a novel in French
Watch a French tv series
Catch up with Game of Thrones (am only on Series 2)
Ghyll scrambling
Try glass blowing
Do the Great North Swim (or other long distant open water swim)
Learn how to play Go (the ancient Chinese game not the board game with aeroplanes)
Go fishing
Gain an understanding of global economics
Go to the dogs (greyhound racing)
Visit the Houses of Parliament in session
Learn and use 50 French idioms
Visit Maine, see a moose (and the Cowins)
Visit a famous museum of modern art and try to understand (not the Baltic)
Do a mud run
Attend a murder trial (not as a defendant)
Attend a non league, non friendly, football match (hhmm Gateshead perhaps)
Compete in an olympic length triathlon (this is the big challenge)
Brew my own beer
Take a patisserie class, preferably in Paris
Learn to play a Grade 3 piano piece
Raise pigs (for meat)
Throw a pot on a potters wheel
Be able to do a pull up - just the one
Read all the Harry Potter books (sshhh I still don't know what happens)
Read a Russian classic novel
Go sea kayaking
Take a spinning class
Be able to do the splits
Learn to Tango
Go mobile phone and computer free for 62 hours
Try a new craft
White water rafting
Visit the Yorkshire Sculpture Park

So now I am looking for willing volunteers to play with me for many of these. Already have a few sorted (Barcelona, bingo, climbing, modern art museum) but would most definitely welcome more people to join in, especially the FLASHMOB.

I will blog as I go on these and keep the list updated as I complete them. To do and completed..we knew I'd get some colour coding in there ;)

Finally to fund raise or not?

On one hand it seems a good opportunity to raise sponsorship for a good cause, on the other hand I am never very sure about asking for sponsorship to do something that I am already planning to do as a personal challenge (eg the sprint tri I have just done) or for fun, and let's face it, many of these are for fun. It has been pointed out to me by my nearest and dearest that raising sponsorship may add extra pressure turning it from a "could" to a "should" and make me insufferable to live with.

All thoughts or fund raising ideas welcome.

Saturday, 26 August 2017

50 By 50 - why?

So it seems I am pretty useless at keeping a blog up to date. However I have a new plan and it involves blogging so I have pulled this off the shelf, blown off the dust and will use it as a platform. Well it saves setting a new one up. It has been interesting (for me only, I do realise) to read back over my old blogs. So if the only purpose this serves is that in another 5 years I look back and remember what life was like with old teenager/young adult children, me nearing the end of my 40s and realise once again that I can not stick at blog writing for very long then that will be enough.

Update on the last few years - eldest and youngest daughters still performing in various ways. Eldest is well and truly off the payroll and lives with her football playing partner, they have in fact just moved to Tyneside so are very close by. We don't know how to do this one - she has lived away from home for the best part of the last 12 years, but very excited to find out. Middle son is a fairly soon to graduate philosophising politician, who still holds a considerable interest in music and *whispers* voted Brexit. We have all managed to not start referring to him as the black sheep but it's been a struggle. Always good to be challenged in one's thinking I guess, and he is very good at doing that. There are still various animals around, the ducks and hens are doing their best to increase in numbers as we speak, we seem to have acquired another cat and the bees are no longer with us. Have managed to whittle the sheep down to 2, not counting the ones in the freezer.

So 50 by 50. I have decided to find myself 50 things that I have never done before to try and do before the age of 50. These will not necessarily be challenges ( I just don't want to climb any Munroes or do the 3 Peaks in a day) but they will be ways of broadening my horizons and living life to the full. A few events and a (thankfully short lived) health scare recently have made me realise that life really is short and for living, not putting on hold until I have more time.

Thanks to friends in reality and on Facebook I have had numerous suggestions. I am spending this weekend deciding on the definitive list and then will be looking for willing start hiding now.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Update - it's been a while

Oh's been a very long time. I kinda got sidetracked in to blogging for work. Anyway, I'm back....if anyone is listening.

Brief update: Ballerina got a contract and is now a professional ballerina in Estonia. One ewe retired to a different abode one of this year's lambs kept to replace her. Other ewe has produced very early twins this year, one of which is being bottle fed and will be saved the abbatoir. Various ducks and chickens have come and gone. Bees still alive (we hope). Children still alive (we hope).

More to follow....

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Travels with a ballerina - ongoing

This blog has been posted elsewhere as a private one. Understandably my daughter does not want the ins and outs of her audition process published for the world to see, so if you would like an invite to the private one please ask

Sunday, 15 January 2012

TRAVELS WITH A BALLERINA - Day One: Amsterdam to Munich

Are you thinking of taking your daughter to ballet lessons? Beware! I did exactly that, sixteen years ago, because isn't that what little girls like to do? Or should I say, isn't that what little girls' middle class mummies like them to do? Those ballet lessons in the local community centre were the beginning of a long and sometimes tortuous, extremely expensive journey to where we are sitting now, aboard a train from Amsterdam to Munich for an audition with the Bavarian State Ballet. Who knew?

It is ballet company audition season and we have decided to save money and the planet and do it by boat and train. Rather than do it the way most of my daughter's contemporaries are (flying out and back over numerous weekends for selected auditions) we have decided to buy inter rail tickets and try and fit as many auditions and company classes as we can in to one trip. My husband called it the carpet bombing approach, an unfortunate use of phraseology when we are talking about Germany. It has been, and continues to be a logistical planning nightmare but fortunately she and I love a spreadsheet, especially if we can colour co- ordinate it and link it with a Google map with coloured pins. I last inter railed as a student with my then boyfriend but I was young and stupid then. No sleeping on beaches or train platforms for me this time. Sadly with age comes experience of the world and possibly a liitle more anxiety too. Oh for that naive belief in my own indestructibility again!

In those student days I did write a journal which I still have in a box somewhere, it makes fascinating reading now....well for me anyway. Now we are in a different millennium I have decided to journal our travels as a series of blogs, of which this is the first. I promise though, not to regale you with details of our every meal and cup of coffee.

We took the boat from Newcastle to Amsterdam last night and are taking the train to Munich today. Not much else to say really, other than the irritations of only 25 MB per day mobile Internet and isn't Holland flat?!

Photo to come when I can work out how to upload from iPad or get a hotel with free wifi to use

Sunday, 8 January 2012

No Clothes for a Year

No, I'm not doing a Lady Godiva or becoming a naturist - I live in the North East after all. Just thought that title might grab your attention more than "No New Clothes for a Year"

I have made a pledge to buy no new clothes for a year. This year will actually run until January 5th 2013 as I bought a new pair of boots on Thursday. The self imposed rules are: no new clothes except underwear - nobody wants to see my boobs sagging as the year goes on, I can assure you. Anything I haven't worn in the year will be going to a charity shop.

My inspiration was this article 

However I am nothing like this woman. I didn't spend my teenage years being fashion obsessed, I don't drool over designer clothes or clothing magazines and I most certainly don't have spare clothes in the attic. It may be easier for me than her as I will probably not be as tempted as her but on the other hand it could be a lot harder as I am starting from a much smaller wardrobe. Now if someone said I couldn't buy stationary for a year that would be a very different matter. OK so I do Paperchase now and then......

I will intermittently blog about my challenge over the course of the year so that you can check up on me and nag me about it too.

This is what I am starting with.......bring on the clothes dye!