Tuesday, 29 November 2011

What to get for Christmas for teenagers?

I find so much about having teenagers is easier than small children  but what to get them for Christmas is not one of these things. I can no longer throw an Argos catalogue in their direction and get them to choose loads of plastic crap that will fill up my house and be chucked out by next year. Actually, come to think of it that's a GOOD thing!

But this year we are really struggling for ideas. After much nagging eldest dd (18) has come up with a list for Santa: a job, a boyfriend and someone to sit her Maths A Level please. Well that should be easy.....
Middle ds (16) has at least provided me with an Amazon wishlist so at least he is easy - it is not for nothing he has the self appointed title of "Golden Child" in the family
Youngest dd (13) has come up with three items and "just hasn't got time to think about it, Mum"

So any clever ideas anyone? Other than telling them that instead of giving them presents we have donated all the money to a local children's charity!

Meanwhile I am starting a campaign to have Christmas pushed back by a month and really need to stop wasting time blogging......